Summer 2014

I love summer, make me feel so good, sexy and free.



Multi-fit ND skirt

Spring is here and the ¨multi-fit ND skirt˝ is a must-have piece in your wardrobe. 

IMG_0241 ariana multi fit

A little different skirt

Impressions from the event at NAMA 22.10.2013

October 22nd I presented my autumn collection at a Slovenian Designers’ Event at Nama superstore in Ljubljana (Slovenia). The first two outfits are entirely from my collection. The third is a combination of ND and Nama articles.

Winter is coming….

Winter is warmer with a ND coat on you

coat3 - Unique printed grey - red zip

ND corner in NAMA

Visit NAMA department store in center Ljubljana, where you you can find ND – NIVESDESIGN corner.


Unique ND skirt – for unique lady

When you feel to be special put yourself into a unique ND skirt

red lady-1